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Coming out of NAB2015 - The AVQ1020 is the choice in TV transmitter monitoring!

Apr 18, 2015

We listened and incorporated your ideas into making the AVQ1020 unit the choice in monitoring the transmitter.

We have come a long way since the introduction of the AVQ1020 unit at NAB 2012. Avateq is grateful for the input from numerous broadcast engineers over the past three years. We listened and incorporated your ideas into making the AVQ1020 unit the choice in monitoring the transmitter.

In the booth this year, we were pleased to gain critical insight from both existing and prospective customers. We heard many stories from our current customers about testing the performance of the AVQ1020 unit alongside the more expensive competitive units. They were excited to tell us that the performance of the Avateq unit equaled the results of competitive units, at a fraction of the cost. From visitors to the booth, we were pleased to hear that they were already familiar with Avateq solution, and were encouraged by fellow engineers to check us out.

Based on booth discussions, the video broadcast engineering community has identified the following benefits of the Avateq AVQ1020 unit:

  • More Accurate and Cost Efficient
    The unit has the accuracy of more expensive competitive units, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Continual Monitoring with no Travel
    The ability to leave the AVQ1020 RF layer Monitor Receiver at the transmitter site, for continual monitoring, instead of sharing an RF monitoring unit among multiple stations, saving time and travel dollars.

  • Remote Problem Solving
    Web-based remote monitoring capability, giving you the ability to share transmitter signal data remotely with fellow engineers, for a collaborative diagnoses.

Even though today Avateq is involved in manufacturing and supporting own line of products, we remain a R&D company at heart. We spend a lot of time on bringing new ideas to life.Going into manufacturing was our response to the clients` needs. From the very beginning we participated in industry events such as NAB talking to broadcast engineers, discussing their problems.

What you see today at our stand is a completely re-thought, re-designed, re-packaged device in comparison with the first version.Today, AVQ1020 is a mature system with a greatly improved web interface that features a lot of familiar tools from high-end desktop signal analyzers, better security and reporting, more storage for data archiving, support for all major digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasting signals. But, AVQ1020 still remains a cost-effective 24/7 remote monitoring embedded platform designed to work at a transmitter site guarding the quality of the signal for the best viewing experience.


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