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AVQ1030 screenshot lg
AVQ1030 ATSC 3 0 MIMO Spectrum
AVQ1030 ATSC 3 0 MIMO Channel Statistics
AVQ1030 ATSC 3 0 MIMO Channel Amplitude Phase Response
AVQ1030 ATSC 3 0 MIMO Channel Constellation 4096 QAM
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AVQ1030 - ATSC 3.0 MIMO Rx and Analyzer

ActiveCore® ATSC 3.0 MIMO Receiver
and Analyzer

Real-time demodulation and payload reassembling from two ATSC 3.0 cross-polarized 2x2 MIMO RF signals.

Supported Standards:

  • ATSC 3.0
AVQ1022 TXOUT ATSC3 0 Spectrum
AVQ1022 TXOUT ATSC3 0 Emission Mask
Screenshot 2
AVQ1022 STLTP Analysis
AVQ1022 TXOUT Alarm Log
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AVQ1022M - RF Signal Analyzer (mobile)

ActiveCore® RF Signal Analyzer and Monitoring Receiver

Remote RF layer monitoring receiver with a universal RF signal analytical device.

Supported Standards:

  • ATSC 1.0
  • ATSC 3.0
  • DAB/DAB+
  • ISDB-T/Tb

AVQ200 ATSC 3 0 Spectrum with In band Interference
AVQ200 ATSC 3 0 Link Margin analysis
AVQ200 ATSC 3 0 Echo Profile
AVQ200 ATSC 3 0 256 QAM NUC Constellation
AVQ200 ATSC 3 0 Transport Stream Analysis
AVQ200 ATSC 3 0 Signalling and Mapping
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AVQ200 - RF Signal Inspector

ActiveCore® RF Signal Inspector with Transport Stream output

AVQ200 is an universal SFN/Off-air monitoring, can be licensed for TS output.

Supported Standards:

  • ATSC 1.0
  • ATSC 3.0
  • DAB/DAB+
  • ISDB-T/Tb

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Feb 22, 2024
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Ultra-Long-Range Wireless Backhaul
The project’s main objective is to develop an alternative technology for a long-range wireless communication. An affordable and reliable high-speed Internet to remote and rural communities in Canada remains a significant challenge.
ATSC 3.0 RF Signal Analyzer Performance Test
The key objective of the testing procedure was to determine the Avateq's signal analyzer family performance and its degradation caused by possible hardware and DSP imperfections. The obtained experimental results were compared to theoretical limits.
ATSC 3.0 MIMO Receiver Prototype Development
The aim of the project is to develop a professional receiver and signal analyzer for ATSC 3.0 MIMO broadcast transmission.
Adaptive Pre-distorter for a wide range of signals
Designed Adaptive predistorter for signals with high Peak-to-Average Ratio compensates non-linear and linear distortions caused by imperfections of the signal distribution and amplification components.
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