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AVQ1040 - ATSC 3.0 STLTP Analyzer

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ActiveCore® ATSC 3.0 STLTP Analyzer

  • Spectrum and channel capacity monetization for Spectrum sharing and Datacasting applications
  • Analysis, Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Metering at every level of the Studio-to-Transmitter Link

AVQ1040 STLTP Analyzer is a powerful solution for ATSC 3.0 STLTP (ATSC A/342) Scheduler/Studio to Transmitter Link troubleshooting, analysis, monitoring and verification. AVQ1040 is available as a stand-alone software package, an embedded platform or as an option to Avateq’s AVQ1022(gen. 2) RF Signal Analyzer. AVQ1040 allows verification of delivery protocols for ALP Transport at every level, including content scheduling and Physical Layer signaling. The Analyzer also provides statistics of RF bandwidth and channels capacity utilization on per service basis that makes the Analyzer an indispensable tool for emerging applications, including spectrum share and datacasting that requires metering of the RF resource usage.

RF Signal Analyzer

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Measurements and Metrics

STLTP payload packet delivery statistics:
  • Ingress stream statistics for Tunnel and two-dimensional arrangement of ST 2022-1 ECC packets
  • Bit-rate and BW share for each PLP in RF channel;
  • Payload traffic statistics;
  • Payload and total data limit usage as a metered connection;
  • ATSC 3.0 services with all details extracted from LLS and media components available as file downloads;
  • ROUTE objects TSI/TOI, counters, and statistics;
Networking diagnostic capabilities:
  • Relaying the ALP stream through UDP to a remote host;
  • Capturing decapsulated IP packets to a *.pcap file.
ALP, LMT, and LLS monitoring:
  • ALP packet types and decapsulated IP traffic stream details;
  • Link Mapping Table;
  • Grouped LLS tables, available as plain XML or ZIP archives.
Delivery statistics for outer tunnel, preamble, and timing and management STLTP components:
  • Dropped packets, stream, and stream interruptions;
  • UDP, RTP inner errors;
  • Packet re-assembling and sequence errors.
ATSC 3.0 frame preamble and timing and management content including details for:
  • L1 signaling and Exciter configuration;
  • Transmitter synchronization, Phy Layer frame identification, TxID, etc.


STLTP traffic decapsulation and monitoring
  • Outer STL tunnel, Preamble, Timing and Management, and per-PLP baseband stream components;
  • Sequence number monitoring, packet loss statistics, approximate data rates, stream locks, and common errors reporting;
  • Alarm notifications on stream unlock, packet loss, or exceeding data rate limits.
STLTP FEC support
  • Current FEC scheme (Rows x Columns) reporting;
  • FEC packet recovery rate, as observed by the software;
  • Packet loss, reordering, duplication rate reporting.
Payload content extraction and accessing at all layers of the STL stack
  • Preamble and Timing / Management content;
  • ALP statistics: types of packets seen, bad packet counters, total data rate;
  • LMT signaling details;
  • Media stream packet statistics: IP addresses and ports, types of traffic seen;
  • LLS tables available for download as zip or plain XML;
  • ATSC3 Services table with details extracted from LLS;
  • Media segment statistics for the selected Service: data rates per component, TSI/TOI, ROUTE object counters and continuity monitoring;
  • Live streaming of the selected ATSC3 Service through local DASH/HTTP server;
  • All ROUTE/DASH components are downloadable as files.
STLTP as a metered connection
  • Per-Service payload data rate monitoring, accumulating total payload counters.
  • Ideal PLP payload throughput, actual per-Service PLP load percentage and RF BW share.
  • Per-Service PLP usage monitoring: configurable Min/Max limits, Min-Only, Max-Only or Min-Max monitoring mode.
  • Alarm notifications when a Service exceeds set PLP bandwidth percentage limits.

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