Tools - TxID Explorer
Last Update: Oct 03, 2023

TxID Explorer



TxID Explorer is a simple and robust Channel Impulse Response (CIR) analysis tool designed to assist users with individual transmitter channel estimate in Single Frequency Network (SFN) environment based on the transmitter TxID.

The TxID Explorer plot is a simple correlation of a given TxID antenna pattern with TxID signal estimated with Preamble channel. By selecting one specific ID, a user can monitor the presence or absence of the transmitter contribution in the overall channel and can also get an estimate of the channel accuracy with the floor level value of the CIR showing ID detectability.

We encourage the usage of the tool while troubleshooting potential TxID issues such as its timely mismatch (misalignment) with Preamble and etc.

Available in Plots


  1. Select TxID Explorer tool from the CIR/Echo Profile plot's menu:
    TxID Explorer Tool - Selecting the tool
  2. If TxID has previously been set, it will be displayed in the input box and a TxID plot will be present. Selected TxID is also displayed in the Plot legends.
    TxID Explorer Tool - Displaying the status of the tool
  3. Setting TxID. There are two ways to set TxID:
    • a) Selecting from a list of detected TxIDs - click on "SET" button next to the detected TxID.
      TxID Explorer Tool - Setting TxID from a list of detected TxIDs
    • b) Manually enter TxID:
      - Click Edit icon:  TxID Explorer Tool - Edit icon
      - Enter TxID - Only digits are allowed
      - Click Set icon: TxID Explorer Tool - Setting a newly selected TxID
  4. Clearing TxID:
    - Click Edit icon: TxID Explorer Tool - Edit icon
    - Click Reset icon:  TxID Explorer Tool - Resetting TxID