Tools - Manual Scale
Last Update: Jun 17, 2024

Manual Scale



Manual scaling in measuring signals offers several advantages:

  • Precision Control: Manual scaling allows for fine-tuned adjustments, providing precise control over the measurement process. This is particularly useful in applications requiring high accuracy.
  • Custom adaptation: It enables the user to adapt the scaling to specific signal ranges or characteristics, making it possible to handle unique or variable signal conditions that automated systems might not account for.
  • Reduced Noise and Artifacts: By manually adjusting the scaling, users can minimize noise and signal artifacts, leading to cleaner measurements and more reliable data.

These advantages make manual scaling a valuable tool in scientific, engineering, and technical fields, especially where precise and adaptable signal measurement is crucial.

Tool Overview

Tools - Manual Scale - Autoscale Switch
1- Autoscale switch
- Available tools selection
Tools - Manual Scale - Controls
1 - List of plot's axes
- Input fields for minimum values
- Input fields for maximum values
- Input fields for setting steps in the axis grid lines
- Set the parameters
- Reset the parameters to auto calculated values
Tools - Manual Scale - Using range selector
1- Selected area highlighted during mouse dragging


a) Manually entering parameters

  1. Using Manual Scale controls, enter required minimum, maximum, and step parameters for an axis and press Set.
  2. Repeat step 1 for other axes.
  3. The default state represents min/max values calculated either by the range of the leading plot or by calculating min/max values of all datasets on the page, with the axis divided into 10 grid sections. To reset to the default state, press Reset.

b) Using area selection

  1. Using the mouse, select a region representing the area of interest by dragging the mouse over the plot. The selected area is highlighted. The parameters in the Manual Scale control section will be updated for all axes. The step value will be recalculated based on the ratio of the original min/max values to maintain the number of the grid sections of the plot.
  2. A user can reset individual axes to the default state (see section 3 of the Manually entering parameters for the definition of the default state) by clicking the corresponding Reset button


When selecting the Manual Scale tool, zooming and panning is unavailable. Once the manual scale is set, switch to Normal mode or other tools to use zooming and panning functionality.