Setup and Installation - Calibration procedure
Last Update: Oct 04, 2023

Calibration procedure


1. Internal Reference source.

The internal time reference, a voltage controlled OCXO with accuracy over 5ppb, is calibrated against an external 10MHz reference provided by a GPS receiver.
Factory calibration provides accuracy not less than +/-10Hz.
The accuracy degrades over time because of the crystal aging.
If necessary, a customer can adjust the OCXO by using an external 10MHz source.
The OCXO frequency can be adjusted by ControlPanel->Factory Settings->VCO Adjust control.

2. Input signal power detector. 

The power detector is calibrated by using a reference generator.
The calibration table is stored internally.
No re-calibration is required.

3. ALC gain.

The internal ALC gain is calibrated by using instrumental generators providing real broadcasting signals.
For Tx out mode -20dBm input level is a reference point.
The calibration procedure optimizes the ALC gain.
No re-calibration is required.