Dec 16, 2015

Updated AVQ1020DVBS datasheet includes support for DVB-S2X

A new version of AVQ1020DVBS datasheet has been released. The document contains information on supporting DVB-S2X satellite standard.

AVQ1020DVBS DatasheetDVB-S2X, an extension to DVB-S2 standard, offers improved efficiency and higher transmission capacity for digital satellite broadcasting. A new version of AVQ1020DVBS datasheet has been released to highlight specifics of DVB-S2X monitoring.

AVQ1020DVBS supports DVB-S/S2/S2X satellite broadcasting standards and allows RF layer remote monitoring at uplink/downlink facilities as well as at reception locations for signal quality verification. Along with a comprehensive set of critical RF measurements including signal MER, frequency spectrum, shoulder attenuation or ACLR, frequency shift, etc., AVQ1020DVBS offers in-band interference analysis, logging and reporting capabilities, and customizable alarm notification engine for unattended 24/7 remote monitoring.

Download AVQ1020DVBS Datasheet


Vinky02/27/16C-band is still being used by networks and cable cnhenals for distribution.Ku has a lot of FTA on it, as well as news truck back hauls.Some of it can be received by home receivers (for free or subscription), some of it not (for there is no consumer receiver for the chosen format or encryption scheme, or they do not care for home viewers).

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