Apr 21, 2020

On-line presentation/Demo - Avateq RF solutions for you.

Avateq manufactures RF Layer Monitoring Receivers and Signal Analyzers. ActiveCore RF Layer Monitoring solutions for your needs.

Hundreds of AVQ1020s are currently monitoring TV transmitters. Furthermore, the AVQ1022-RF Signal Analyzer is used by RF consultants and transmitter field engineers for proof of performance at the transmitter sites. To review Avateq's product portfolio - click here.

At NAB2019, we introduced a 2nd generation of the AVQ1020. The new generation of the device brings real-time updates, a re-designed web interface and new tools and options for more efficient transmitter monitoring. Furthermore, we presented the AVQ200-RF Signal Inspector for monitoring off-air signals. With its SFN monitoring capabilities and easy-to-carry packaging, AVQ200 is an excellent tool for in-field signal analysis. 

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