Nov 10, 2015

C.N.Rood to distribute Avateq's RF Layer Monitoring Receivers in the BeNeLux

Avateq Corp. has teamed up with a leading distributor of test and measurement equipment in the Benelux, C.N.Rood, to offer its RF layer monitoring receivers line of products (AVQ1020) to broadcasters in Belguim, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The agreement takes place immediately and gives C.N.Rood exclusive distributorship of AVQ1020 in the Benelux region. The new agreement enables Avateq Corp to better serve clients with local technical support and strengthen Avateq presence in Europe.

AVQ1020 - ActiveCore® RF Layer Monitoring Receiver from Avateq Corp. has been designed to provide broadcast engineers with powerful tools to monitor and analyze transmitted signal. The product supports all major digital broadcasting standards, including DVB-T/T2, DAB/DAB+, DVB-S/S2. The analyzer allows an operator to monitor remote transmitting sites through a web interface or as a part of SNMP-based network management system. It features an easy-to-use customizable alarm system with user-defined thresholds and assigned severity levels. The internal logging server records events and measured parameters history for archiving and future analysis.


About C.N.Rood

CNRood LogoC.N. Rood is the leading distributor of test and measurement equipment and provides knowledge and solutions to the educational, scientific and industrial institutes in the Benelux region. Company's wide range of solutions varies from communication test-equipment and general test- & measurement-equipment to automatic identification products combined with consultancy, training and turnkey solutions including software development. C.N.Rood has offices in Belgium and the Netherlands.


About Avateq Corp.

undefinedAvateq Corp. is a Canadian research and development company specializing in complex digital signal processing algorithms. In 2012, Avateq introduced its RF layer monitoring line of products as a cost-effective 24x7 remote transmitter monitoring solution. AVQ1020 is manufactured in Canada and has been distributed worldwide through regional distributors. Avateq's head office is in Markham, Ontario.

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