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New AVQ1020 firmware upgrade released.

Jun 22, 2018

Latest AVQ1020 firmware upgrade responses to essential issues of operating in networks with limited bit rate capacity.

AVQ1020 - ActiveCore RF Layer Monitoring Receiver has proven to be a robust, low-maintenance remote transmitter site monitoring platform. The new firmware version responses to our customers' requests for better user experience and integration capabilities.

Along with general improvements, the new firmware brings two essential updates:

1. Re-designed host communication protocol for stable and efficient performance in networks with a limited bit rate.
Many transmitter sites are located in remote locations with limited network capacity. New engine monitors data delivery to client's web interface and adjusts communication to avoid data bottlenecks and page unresponsive behavior.

2. Support for SNMP v2.
Integrating AVQ1020 into existing network management systems (NMS) is now easier with the new firmware. Assisting customers with adding AVQ1020 into various network monitoring software packages, we learned that not all of them support SNMP v3 - the most secure version of the protocol and included by default with AVQ1020. Engineers relying on a centralized NMS will welcome addition of SNMP v2.

AVQ1020 is a cost-effecting remote transmitter site monitoring platform supporting all major digital terrestrial broadcasting standards and providing engineers with detailed information on transmitter performance and signal quality, including critical parameters such as MER/SNR, shoulders attenuation, frequency shift, spectrum mask compliance, in-band interference, etc. The product features a web GUI interface with advanced plotting tools, a customizable alarm engine, data logging, and reporting functionality.

The new firmware upgrade is available to all existing Support License Agreements. To request more information, please, contact us at


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