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In-Band Interference Detection is Now Easy with AVQ1020DVBS

Dec 17, 2013

AVQ1020DVBS has been upgraded with in-band interference detection functionality.

One of common issues in satellite communication industry is DVB-S/S2 signal spectrum overlapping or in-band interference. There are a number of potential reasons causing the interference including jamming signals, transmitter path non-linearity or cross-polarization rejection issues. The expense of detecting and resolving the problem can be significant to the broadcaster. Early detection turns into a crucial part of pro-active protection against in-band interference.

Whether it is a poorly configured station equipment or accidental interference by another transmitter, signal overlapping can result in low SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) and BER (Bit Error Ratio) of a receiver and, eventually, may lead to service interruption and satellite link failure. The situation may grow into a bigger problem when the “ghost” signal has a small amplitude relative to the main signal. In this case, the “ghost” is buried under the main signal and its detection becomes a challenge.

Avateq Corp. has developed a state-of-the-art DSP (digital signal processing) technique that makes it possible to analyze the signal structure for detecting in-band interference of different natures. The technique uses sophisticated algorithms to separate the useful signal and underlying noise, under-carrier "ghost" signal or non-linearity products and visualize them on a spectrum plot. This innovative functionality is now a standard feature of AVQ1020DVBS – ActiveCore RF Layer Monitoring Receiver for DVB-S/S2 standards and provides additional powerful tools for enhanced "in-depth" analysis of the signal and potential factors of the signal quality degradation. AVQ1020DVBS equipped with an intelligent alarm management system that can be instructed to trigger in case of the signal quality falling below a user defined threshold.

AVQ1020 allows an operator to monitor remote transmitting sites through a web interface or as a part of SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol )-based network management system. The analyzer features an easy to use and highly customizable alarm system with user-defined thresholds and assigned severity levels.

The internal-logging server records events and measured parameters history for archiving and future analysis.

Additional information and web demos can be found online at

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