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Echo profile monitoring in DAB/DAB+ SFN networks

Aug 22, 2017

AVQ1022 - RF Layer Monitoring Receiver brings new tools for echo profile monitoring in DAB/DAB+ SFN networks.

Avateq's AVQ1022 has been updated with new tools specifically designed to assist single frequency network operators in monitoring echo profiles. The AVQ1022 calculates an SFN echo profile and plots it, using a rich set of instrumental tools including relative and absolute measurements of profile peaks using cross-bar or markers on an automatic or fixed scale.

Echo profile visualized on AVQ1022.

The device automatically monitors the peak position in "a time-shift amplitude" window and generates an alarm if any of the peaks fall outside the window.

A single frequency network relies on multiple transmitters strategically placed in distant locations and operating on the same frequency to deliver a robust signal over a coverage area. The SFN leverages the ability of a receiver to lock onto the strongest signal - typically from the transmitter in closest proximity to the receiver - and rejects the weaker signals, which the receiver regards as echoes or multi-path interference, from distant transmitters.

Understanding the echo profile of signals in an SFN network allows broadcast engineers to adjust and align local delays in individual transmitters to optimize overall network performance and maximize reception.

AVQ1022 with all new features will be presented at Avateq's booth 2.A41 at IBC. Schedule your demo at


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