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Backhaul to the Future: Avateq Corp Delivers Leap Forward with over 100 Kilometer Wireless Backhaul Communications Link

Mar 06, 2023

Avateq to achieve the world’s longest wireless backhaul point-to-point link for high speed communications, over 100 KMs, to enhance connectivity for Canadians in remote and rural communities

Based on next generation ATSC 3.0 Physical Layer, Avateq’s solution offers the most efficient spectrum usage, delivers better performance, and reduces costs for broadcasters, Internet service providers, and other operators of point-to-point systems in Canada, with fewer hops and more data capacity between stations and core networks for Internet, data and voice, fixed and mobile broadband, television and news, Enhanced Emergency Alerts, and more.

Learn more: Ultra-Long-Range Wireless Backhaul, an ATSC 3.0-based point-to-point communication system designed for links over 100km in Line-of-sight, near- and non-Line-of-Sight environments.


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