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Avateq's solutions across NAB Exhibition floor

Apr 08, 2018

This year, NAB is a lot about ATSC3.0 and next generation TV broadcasting. We are proud to be a part of the technology development.

ATSC3.0 On The Air

NAB2018 ATSC3.0 On Air - Spectrum

NAB2018 ATSC3.0 On Air - SFN Plot

NAB2018 ATSC3.0 On Air - Constellation

NAB2018 ATSC3.0 On Air - Statistics

While setting up the booth, we were able to pick up ATSC3.0 signal that will be featured on board of The Next Gen TV Transport - an autonomous shuttle between the Central and South Hall.

You can also see ATSC3.0 and other standards monitoring demos at our partners' stands:

Anywave Communication Technologies

Booth N5620

AVQ1022 is integrated into the latest 10KW air-cooled and 25KW liquid-cooled transmitters.

Satellite Engineering Group, a Division of WESCO

Booth SU5921

SEG is a single source for all aspects of content acquisition and distribution.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric America (former Comark)

Booth C4309

The company highlights the latest development in Parallax high power UHF solid state transmitters with great performance in ATSC3.0 environment.

JM Broadcast

Booth SU4321

JM UHD Transmitters are operating in Seoul, the world's first terrestrial ATSC3.0 broadcasting site, and Pyeongchang - home to the 2018 first UHDTV Olympics.

ATBiS Co., Ltd

Booth SU6807

Professional engineers in test and measurement solutions for digital broadcasting this year bring an ATSC3.0 broadcasting gateway.



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