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Avateq's AVQ200 - RF Signal Inspector at NAB2019 (TVTechnology)

Jun 25, 2019

AVQ200 - RF Signal Inspector is featured in article 'A Busy Spring: NAB2019, ATSC 3.0 And Repack', TVTechnology.

"I’ve been a fan of Avateq’s monitoring receivers since they introduced their 8VSB receiver several years ago, which provided RF modulation measurements and monitoring/logging capability at a price low enough to install at every transmitter site. Now that transmitters are being deployed with ATSC 3.0 there are very few options for extensive ATSC 3.0 RF modulation measurements. Avateq was showing a range of RF measurement receivers, including the compact AVQ-200 off-air “Signal Inspector,” which seems ideal for fieldwork. The off-air instruments have the capability to display echoes in an ATSC 3 SFN and identify echoes by transmitter ID."

Lung, D 2019, 'A Busy Spring: NAB2019, ATSC3.0 And Repack', TVTechnology, 21 June,

Visit AVQ200 - RF Signal Inspector for more information.


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