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Avateq`s embedded system design and embedded engineering service.

Sep 01, 2011

Complete circle of development - starting from the embedded system goals, challenges and feasibility analysis to production of the complete system - is the foundation of Avateq`s service.

We distinguish the terms “Design” and “Engineering” because the services, provided by Avateq, are far beyond just software and hardware design for an embedded systems.

Design of Embedded Systems

This is the case if there is a clear understanding of the project technical requirements, the embedded system goals and how the requirements can be achieved. Avateq will provide the best in industry solution which not only meets but exceeds required functionality and performance of the being designed embedded system.

Our team of highly experienced in embedded systems design engineers will deliver a unique solution including:

  • Embedded System and component level design;
  • Mixed signal circuitry including schematic capturing and PCB;
  • High speed interfaces capable of delivering data at high rates in time and data speed critical applications;
  • Reliability found in the most demanding applications like military, therapy and safety;
  • Software, GUI and data processing which cover the project functionality;
  • Processor and FPGA solutions based on the most effective for the embedded system chips;
  • Wireless and non-contact control, data acquisition and transferring techniques;
  • Embedded systems for harsh environment including strong emission, operating temperature and the elements.

Embedded Engineering
Quite often the real life challenges us not only with “What is required?” question but also with “How or is it possible to achieve?”, and being at the industry leading positions, Avateq Corp. steps forward providing you with embedded engineering service.

Complete circle of development - starting from the embedded system goals, challenges and feasibility analysis to production of the complete system - is the foundation of Avateq’s service. Would it be a small controller with a sophisticated functionality or a large distributed multiprocessor system, Avateq`s embedded engineering team will design and provide the most effective solution.

What separates Avateq from the competition is:

  • experience in a wide variety of embedded applications – from military to laser therapy and broadcasting;
  • complex approach to the design process including extensive modeling and simulation;
  • strong math, high performance algorithm design skills;
  • signal and data processing in different domains techniques;
  • wide band and wide frequency range circuitry and processing stages;
  • modern adaptive, spectral, and correlation methods;
  • understanding the importance and ways of optimization due to strict requirements for synchronization, execution time and performance of embedded systems;
  • state-of-art DSP solutions found in different applications: broadcasting, medicine, hybrid “Satellite-Terrestrial” systems, etc.;

Being at the forefront of embedded systems design and embedded engineering, Avateq Corp. delivers advanced solutions and products for demanding environments and applications.

About Avateq Corp.

Avateq Corp. is an engineering company located in Markham, Ontario, and specializing in complex electronic systems design. Solid knowledge of the latest technological and theoretical advancements combined with Avateq`s core intellectual assets allows the company to undertake the most challenging projects and to provide practical industry solutions.

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