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Avateq`s adaptive digital non-linear and linear predistorter engine induces additional efficiency in signal transmission.

Sep 01, 2011

Avateq Corp., a Markham based engineering company, introduces a universal adaptive digital non-linear and linear predistorter (DPD) engine as a solution for optimization of bandwidth use in digital broadcasting.

The engine can be integrated with virtually any modulator on the market and supports all major broadcasting standards and proprietary modulation schemes.

Conversion to modern digital technologies requires transmission stations to handle higher volume of data, video and audio signals. New network structures such as OFDM and new standards such as ATSC, ISDB-T, DRM, DVB-T, etc. have been introduced to allow for the increased data exchange and reliable coverage. The efficiency of the network and power amplifiers, as the main components of transmission stations, has become one of the principal issues in digital broadcasting. This efficiency issue is directly related to the non-linearity of the transmitted signal which causes in-band signal distortion and interference with the adjacent broadband channels.

Several linearization techniques are available to deal with the non-linearity of power amplifiers. These techniques include in-line, analog, and digital predistortions, as well as cross-cancellation. Signal predistortion can be described as a method of input signal compensation with a module that has an inverse effect on the output non-linearity. Adaptive digital predistortion has been proven to be the most economical and efficient technique among others. The compensation factor is calculated and the input signal is adjusted based on a look-up table which is constantly updated and reflects changes in the output signal.

Leading broadcasting equipment manufacturers has been employing adaptive digital predistortion technique in their modulators for the last few years. In most cases, the existing solutions are application and broadcasting standard dependent.

The uniqueness of Avateq’s adaptive DPD engine is in its proprietary algorithm which has been developed with versatility and flexibility in mind. The engine provides non- and linear predistortion capabilities and supports all major transmission standards and can be integrated at the core algorithm level that makes it independent of modulation schemes. This allows for the adaptive DPD engine to be added to currently deployed transmitters and repeaters, including multi-channel transmitters, from a wide range of manufacturers. By employing the solution, an equipment manufacturer significantly reduces requirements for the output band-pass filter saving the overall transmitter system price and operational cost.

The effectiveness of Avateq’s adaptive digital predistorter engine has been proven with a wide range of power amplifiers built on different technologies and operating at various frequency ranges – UHF/VHF, L- and S-band.

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Avateq Corp. is an engineering company located in Markham, Ontario, and specializing in complex electronic systems design. Solid knowledge of the latest technological and theoretical advancements combined with Avateq`s core intellectual assets allows the company to undertake the most challenging projects and to provide practical industry solutions.

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