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Avateq Corp. will be presented this year at IBC2016 RAI AMSTERDAM

Sep 16, 2016

It was an exciting year for us developing new features for AVQ1020RF Layer Monitoring Receiver. We have been actively involved in the development of the latest ATSC3.0 broadcasting standard.

Avateq's knowledge and expertise in broadcasting engineering and company's dedication to R&D has led to the development of innovative digital signal processing engines and products.

Avateq's AVQ1020 - ActiveCore® RF Layer Monitoring Receiver is an innovatice approach to maintain signal quality for digital TV and radio broadcasting.

AVQ1020 is the solution for remote day-by-day 24/7 transmitter signal monitoring through SNMP, wev interface and user-configurable alarm system. AVQ1020 supports all major terrestrial digital TV and radio broadcasting standards and has been designed to provide comprehensive monitoring capabilities of RF layer critical parameters including SNR, MER, and etc. AVQ1020 features a user-friendly graphical web interface with rich plotting capabilities and data representation.

New functionalities has further powered AVQ1020 to become one of the most advanced RF layer monitoring systems in the industry.

We listen to our customers and bring new ideas to life.

IBC2016, Booth 2.A41. Appointment Schedule.

Avateq Corp. is a proud to be a part of Ontario Mission.


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