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System Integration and Customization

We deliver turn-key-solutions based on a state-of-the-art newly deigned or customized equipment. The applications we specialize in are:

  • embedded system design;
  • DSP: modulation, demodulation, signal generation, and acquisition;
  • adaptive processing: dynamic range and PAR reduction, linearization, distortion removal, etc.;
  • signal processing: spectral, statistical, correlation analysis;
  • high speed and high performance data/signal acquisition and generation;
  • control, measuring, and protection systems;
  • analog signal amplification and conversion;
  • coding/decoding, including FEC and scrambling (cipher techniques).

We also perform:

  • Functionality upgrades;
  • Replacement of analog signal processing with DSP;
  • Hardware and software modification and customization.


Broadband and Broadcasting Systems Design
Effective DSP Solutions
Algorithm and Processing Chains
System Component Level Design
System Integration and Customization
Problem and Feasibility Analysis
Project Management

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