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List of Products for DAB/DAB+/T-DMB broadcasting standards:

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AVQ2042DAB - ActiveCore® Modulator with RF Layer Monitoring Receiver for DAB/DAB+/T-DMB
Integrated ActiveCore platform boosts the performance with a proprietary linear and non-linear digital adaptive predistortion engine and a monitoring receiver with extensive measurement, plotting and alarm capabilities.
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ActiveCore® Transmitter Efficiency Platform for DAB/DAB+/T-DMB
AVQ1010 represents an innovative approach to enhancing broadcasting transmitter efficiency.
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ActiveCore® RF Layer Monitoring Receiver for DAB/DAB+/T-DMB
AVQ1020 is an easy to use and cost-effective solution for monitoring transmitter systems performance
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ActiveCore® Digital Repeater for DAB/DAB+/T-DMB
AVQ1030 has been designed to bring robust signal retransmission in SFN (on-channel repeater) as well as in MFN (gap-filler/ transposer) networks.
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ActiveCore® Linear and Non-Linear Digital Adaptive Predistorter for DAB/DAB+/T-DMB
Fully adaptive algorithm for non- and linear distortion estimation and compensation. 
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