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Universal Adaptive Echo Cancellation Engine


One of the major obstacles in today's broadcasting is the presence of echoes resulting from two processes:

  • Main signal multi-path propagation;
  • Energy leakage from the output of a repeater to its input, or so-called feedback interference.

Avateq Corp. presents a robust adaptive echo and feedback interference cancellation system/engine that can be integrated into client's transmitting system. Avateq's Adaptive Echo Canceller effectively detects and removes both echoes from the repeater’s input, providing a “clean” signal at the repeater’s output.

Functionality and features:

  • High performance adaptive echo and feedback canceller with improved MER capabilities;
  • Uses proprietary architecture for the main signal restoration;
  • Channel equalization for the main signal recovering;
  • Integrated adaptive non-linear and linear digital predistorter (DPD) with PAR reduction;
  • Integrated signal envelope tracking capabilities for transistor drain control;
  • Adjustable echo cancelling window position;
  • Signal quality (MER, SNR) monitoring capabilities;
  • Supports major broadcasting video and audio standards - DRM+, ISDBT, ATSC, DAB, CMMB, DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, etc.;
  • Supports proprietary modulation schemes used in, for example, hybrid "satellite-terrestrial" digital broadcasting;
  • Integrated monitoring receiver functionality;
  • Can be used for signal propagation and environment analysis.

Target Applications and Industries:

  • SFN complient on-channel repeater with extended functionality.

Ordering Information:

Avateq's Universal Adaptive Echo Cancellation and Feedback Interference System can be customized to client's requirements to be integrated into existing systems. Please, contact us for quotation.


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