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Universal Adaptive Digital Predistorter Engine


Avateq's Universal Adaptive Engine for Digital Predistortion (DPD) is characterized by its flexibility and adaptivity to major broadcasting standards and modulation schemes (including proprietary). The Engine has been designed to compensate non-linear and linear distortions found in high power amplifiers (HPA) and to be integrated into digital transmitting systems and repeaters, which are widely being deployed as the digital TV and radio broadcasting is replacing the legacy analogue techniques.

In the context where broadcasters are more and more concerned about reducing their network OPEX costs and at the same time limiting impact on the environment, it becomes important that the new digital transmitters are designed to be as energy-efficient as possible. Avateq's Universal Adaptive Engine for Digital Predistorter offers solution to optimization of the bandwidth use.

Another important application of Avateq's solution is adaptive engine's functionality as a monitoring receiver. By installing Avateq's adaptive engine, a broadcaster acquires the ability to constantly monitor the transmitted signal quality. This functionality can also be used by equipment manufacturers at design and manufacturing stages as a part of the transmitter test bench.

The solution effectiveness has been proven with a wide range of amplifiers built on different technologies and working at different frequency ranges - UHF/VHF, L- and S-Band.

Functionality and features:


  • Fully adaptive algorithm for non- and linear distortion estimation and compensation;
  • Supports single carrier and OFDM signals;
  • Modulator independent: can be integrated with virtually any modulator found on the market. The integration can be done at the core algorithm level;
  • Can be used as a stand-alone device;
  • Supports major broadcasting standards and proprietary modulation schemes - DRM+, ISDBT, ATSC, DAB, CMMB, DVB-T/H, etc.;
  • Can be used in hybrid "satellite-terrestrial" broadcasting networks;
  • Can be used with currently deployed transmitters and repeaters;
  • Significantly reduces requirements for the transmitter output band-pass filter. In some case the filter can be eliminated reducing the transmitter system price and operational cost;
  • Suitable for multi channel transmitters.

II. Monitoring Receiver

  • Transmitted signal physical layer analyzer;
  • Signal time and frequency domain parameters estimation;
  • MER/SNR measurements;
  • Estimation and monitoring output signal spectrum width, sideband energy, central frequency.

III. HPA Measurements and Testing

  • Amplifier non – linearity characterization and estimation on real broadcasting signals;
  • Amplifier memory effects estimation;
  • Wide input frequency range (UHF/VHF, L-band, ready for S-band) and analyzed signal bandwidth;
  • Transmitting and amplification path amplitude and phase responses;
  • Output signal spectrum width, sideband energy, central frequency;
  • Highly informative GUI with measured results and plots:
    • eye/level diagram/constellation;
    • amplifier parameters;
    • channel and filter responses;
    • signal spectrum;
    • spectrum shoulder levels;
    • peak compression;
    • echoes detection.

Target Applications and Industries:

  • Non- and linear adaptive pre-distorter for broadcasting industry;
  • Modulator design and production test bench;
  • Transmitter exciter and control unit integral part;
  • Test and monitoring receiver for transmitter development and production;
  • Remote monitoring receiver in terrestrial repeater networks;
  • HPA test equipment.


Ordering Information:

Avateq's Universal Adaptive Digital Predistorter Engine can be customized to client's requirements to be integrated into existing systems. Please, contact us for quotation.



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