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AVQ1030 - ActiveCore® Digital Repeater



AVQ1030 - ActiveCore® Digital Repeater offers robust digital signal processing and optimization for various applications requiring signal retransmission. AVQ1030 is powered by proprietary echo and feed-back interference cancellation engine integrated with linear and non-linear digital adaptive predistortion (DAP) core. ActiveCore® Digital Repeater exceptionally performs in both single frequency (as on-channel repeater) and multiple frequency (as a digital transposer) networks.

In the context where broadcasters are more and more concerned about reducing their network OPEX costs and, at the same time, limiting impact on the environment, it becomes important to increase the broadcasting coverage area without installing additional expensive high-power digital transmitters in the “shadowed” areas, such as high-rise buildings and hills. To fill in the coverage holes, optimize distribution and minimize viewers complaints, broadcasters and network designers require digital repeaters.

AVQ1030 is ideally suited not only for digital TV and radio broadcasting but also  supports all major communication standards, including proprietary modulation schemes. Digital adaptive predistorter automatically compensates non-linear and linear distortions, and, therefore,  optimizes RF performance and allows for significant increase in the transmitter system efficiency.

With integrated proprietary Interference Cancellation System (ICS), AVQ1030 can easily handle interferences such as parasitic signal feedback between the Tx and Rx antennas as well as echos from other transmitters in the network or the main multipath echos. In addition to echo and feedback cancellation, the repeater serves as a protection of the high power amplifier against damages due to over-the-limit output signal level that might occur as the result of feedback self amplification.

By adding ActiveCore® Digital Repeater into a transmitting system, a user can benefit from another unique functionality of the product - its ability to constantly monitor the transmitted signal quality at RF layer. This functionality (optional) can also be used by equipment manufacturers at design and manufacturing stages as a part of the transmitter test bench.


  • High performance adaptive echo and feedback canceller with improved MER capabilities;
  • Uses proprietary signal processing for the main signal restoration;
  • Multi-path echo removal;
  • Integrated adaptive non-linear and linear digital pre-distorter (DPD) with PAR reduction;
  • Integrated signal envelope tracking capabilities for HPA transistor drain control;
  • Adjustable echo cancelling window position;
  • Signal quality (MER, SNR) monitoring capabilities;
  • Supports all major digital broadcasting video and audio standards - DRM+, RAVIS, ISDBT, ATSC, DAB, DTMB, CMMB, DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, etc.;
  • Can be adapted to proprietary modulation schemes used in, for example, hybrid "satellite-terrestrial" digital broadcasting;
  • Integrated monitoring receiver functionality.

Technical Specification:

Main signal input RF in: -50..0dBm; 30 ... 1000 MHz (standard)
Feedback signal input RF fbd (input is used if adaptive DPD functionality is required): -50..0dBm; 30 ... 1000 MHz (standard)
Main output RFout -50..0dBm; 30 ... 1000 MHz (standard)
Envelop tracking output: user defined shaping with multi-dimensional gain and phase correction;
Processing delay: 10 µsec with an additional shaping filter “On”;
Feedback interference level (Gain Margin): up to 20dB (max) above the main signal
Feedback interference and echo cancellation: >= 40dB
Signal MER after Echo and Feedback interference removed: >= 35 dB (subject to input level MER)
MER degradation with DPD and feedback canceller "Off": 1dB@45dB MER at the unit input
a) hardware: Ethernet, USB, CAN, PCIe, RS232
b) software: WEB GUI, host based GUI (PC GUI), SNMP, simplified machine-to-machine protocol
Power supply: 5A@12V DC (OEM module)
Operating temperature range: 0..50, °C


  • SFN compliant on-channel repeater/gap filler with extended functionality;
  • Central processing core for interference cancellation systems;
  • Broadcasting signal and channel estimator.

Monitoring Capabilities (optional):

  • Transmitted signal quality:
    * Spectrum Quality (shoulder level)
    * Central Frequency
    * Signal Bandwidth
    * MER
  • Broadcasting standard physical layer parameters:
    * Constellation
    * Symbol and Guard Interval Duration
    * Standard Specifics
  • General transmitter operating functionality.

Ordering Information:

  • AVQ1030 - ActiveCore® Digital Repeater (OEM module)


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Application Block-Diagram

Application Block-Diagram


AVQ1020-ActiveCore® Digital Repeater (PDF)

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