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AVQ1010 - ActiveCore® Transmitter Efficiency Enhancing Platform



Targeted to the digital audio and TV broadcasting industry, Avateq's ActiveCore® Platform presents an innovative approach to enhancing broadcasting transmitter efficiency and functionality. Being integrated in to a transmitting system, ActiveCore® Platform serves as a central device to control and monitor the system performance. The Platform combines the most innovative and leading-edge functionalities: adaptive DPD with a high performance signal PAR reduction core, echo and feedback interference canceller, broadcasting signal monitoring receiver and signal envelope tracking.

ActiveCore® Platform is available as a stand-alone unit or an OEM module and can be easily integrated into a broadcasting system or power amplifier thanks to its intelligent "RF in - RF out" design. A broadcasting equipment and transmitter manufacturer can now take full control over the system efficiency and performance for virtually any standard found in the broadcasting industry without relying on the modulator used in the system.

The platform eliminates the necessity to adjust or tune a digital broadcasting transmitter or the transmitter's operational parameters in order to account for the modulator design and/or broadcasting standard specifics. This allows designing and manufacturing virtually standard independent digital broadcasting transmitters or power amplifiers that provide significant flexibility in terms of selecting a modulator for a particular application.

By integrating the ActiveCore® Platform into a digital transmitter system, a broadcasting equipment manufacturer adds enhanced functionality to the whole system and, therefore, increases practical value for its product.

The platform can be used as a broadcast monitoring system (an integrated monitoring receiver) in remote applications for digital repeaters in broadcasting networks.

A stand-alone unit allows for easy in-field upgrade of existing digital broadcasting systems.


  • Transparent RFin - RFout solution;
  • Support all major broadcasting standards: ATSC, ISDB-T, DVB-T/H/T2, DTMB, CMMB, DAB, RAVIS, HD Radio, etc.
  • Intelligent design to provide the most efficiency from every amplifier - fully adaptive to the amplifier architecture, operating conditions and characteristics;
  • Broadcasting signal quality and RF layer analyzer and monitor;
  • Adaptive linear and non-linear DPD with PAR reduction engine;
  • Envelope Tracking ready - integrated signal envelope shaping engine;
  • Effective proprietary adaptive echo and feedback interference cancellation;
  • Modulator design independent;
  • Can be adapted to proprietary modulation schemes used in, for example, hybrid “satellite-terrestrial” digital broadcasting;
  • No modulator DPD capabilities are required;
  • Modular design covering different frequency ranges.

Technical Specification:

Main signal input RF in: -50..0dBm; 30 ... 1000 MHz (standard)
Feedback signal input RF fbd: -50..0dBm; 30 ... 1000 MHz (standard), two capturing ports are available
Main output RFout -50..0dBm; 30 ... 1000 MHz (standard), input signal level tracing
Envelop tracking output: user defined shaping with multi-dimensional gain and phase correction;
Digital AGC: input signal level tracking or fixed gain with AGC/ALC loop
MER degradation with DPD and feedback canceller "Off": 1dB@45dB MER at the unit input
  a) hardware: Ethernet, USB, CAN, PCIe, RS232
  b) software: WEB GUI, host based GUI (PC GUI), SNMP, simplified machine-to-machine protocol
Power supply: 110-250V, 50/60Hz AC (1U unit)
Operating temperature range: 0..50, °C
Echo and Feedback Cancellation
Gain margin up tp 30 dB (max) above main signal
Echo suppression ≥ 40dB
Output signal MER ≥ 35 dB (subject to input level MER)
Adaptive Digital Predistortion
Analyzed and pre-corrected signal bandwidth ≤ 50 MHz
Signal PAR reduction level compliant with spectrum mask ≤ 0 dB
Non-linear DPD:  
  - gain compensation range ≤ 18 dB
  - phase correction range ± 180 degree
Linear DPD:  
  - group delay correction < 2000 ns
RF Layer Monitoring
- Channel bandwidth;
- Spectrum;
- Distortions;
- Constellation;
- Signal RF layer parameters (MER, RMS, PAR, Peak compression, CCDF).


  • Digital broadcasting Transmitter/Repeater system performance controlling and monitoring module;
  • SFN compliant multi-standard Gap-Filler/On-Channel Repeater with integrated Adaptive linear and non-linear DPD;
  • Multi-standard OFDM and single carrier broadcasting signals Monitoring Receiver/Analyzer;
  • Cost effective solution for digital transmitter design verification, troubleshooting and production;
  • Transmitter system performance remote monitor.

Ordering Information:

  • AVQ1010 - ActiveCore® Transmitter Efficiency Enhancing Platform (stand-alone 1U unit)


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AVQ1010 - ActiveCore® Transmitter Efficiency Enhancing Platform
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Application Block-Diagram

Application Block-Diagram


AVQ1010-ActiveCore® Transmitter Efficiency Enhancing Platform (PDF)

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