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Avateq Corp. presents an ActiveCore® line of products:


AVQ1010 - ActiveCore® Transmitter Efficiency Enhancing Platform

Targeted to the digital audio and TV broadcasting industry, Avateq's ActiveCore® Platform presents an innovative approach to enhancing broadcasting transmitter efficiency and functionality.

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AVQ1020 - ActiveCore® Multistandard RF Layer Monitoring Receiver

Based on ActiveCore® Platform, AVQ1020 is a monitoring receiver and signal analyzer for all major digital broadcasting standards including proprietary modulation schemes. It has been designed as an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for monitoring digital transmitter system performance.

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AVQ1030 - ActiveCore® Digital Repeater

Avateq's AVQ1030 Digital Repeater is a robust adaptive echo and feedback interference cancellation platform that can be used as a stand alone unit or integrated into client's transmitting system. High performance adaptive engine of the on-channel repeater effectively detects and removes both echoes at the repeater's input, providing a "clean" signal at the repeater's output.

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AVQ1040 - ActiveCore® Linear and Non-Linear Digital Adaptive Predistorter

AVQ1040 is characterized by its flexibility and adaptivity to all major broadcasting standards and modulation schemes (including proprietary). The DAP has been designed to compensate non-linear and linear distortions found in digital transmitter systems and repeaters widely deployed as the digital TV and radio broadcasting is replacing legacy analogue techniques.

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AVQ1010 - ActiveCore® Transmitter Efficiency Enhancing Platform
AVQ1020 - ActiveCore® RF Layer Monitoring Receiver and Signal Analyzer
AVQ1030 - ActiveCore® Digital Repeater
AVQ1040 - ActiveCore® Linear and Non-Linear Digital Adaptive Predistorter
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