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AVQ1010 - ActiveCore Transmitter Efficiency Enhancing Platform
Targeted to the digital audio and TV broadcasting industry, Avateqs ActiveCore Platform presents an innovative approach to enhancing broadcasting transmitter efficiency and functionality. »
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Welcome to Avateq Corp.


Avateq's knowledge and expertise in applied science and technology finds practical implementation in the field of broadcasting, computer-based medicine and diagnostics, military applications and general industry.


Industry Leading Solutions

Avateq's engineering advancements can be seen in complex solutions for broadcasting industry. These solutions have been integrated into ActiveCore® line of products.
  Universal Adaptive Digital Predistorter Engine
Avateq's Universal Adaptive Engine for (DPD) has been designed to compensate linear and non-linear distortions.
  Universal Adaptive Echo Cancellation Engine
A robust adaptive echo and feedback cancellation engine to be integrated into client's transmitting systems.
  Universal Monitoring Software Receiver-Analyzer
Monitoring receiver that supports all major broadcasting standards as well as proprietary modulation schemes.
  Avateq, NXP and Xilinx join to meet design challenge
This white paper covers the development of JESD204A interface IP core on Xilinx Spartan-6 and NXP ADCs and DACs


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News & Events
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Avateq`s SFN Drift Monitoring helps make Mobile Digital Broadcasting more feasible (PRESS RELEASE)
Avateq announces new SFN (single frequency network) drift monitoring for broadcasters, helping to strengthen the network on which mobile digital television is transmitted to smartphones and tablets....